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The Grays Urban Art Trail

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WACThurrock are bringing to life the dream of an urban art trail in Grays.  The 25+ sculptures, mosaics and street art will be in  public spaces free and accessible to all.  The trail guided by apps and maps will create engagement  and conversation about art and culture. 

Philip Jackson, whose long esteemed career in the art world has led him to be Royal sculptor to Queen Elizabeth II told WACThurrock about his support for this project and the many benefits it will bring.



"...I think this is an excellent idea and if done well, with the right sculptures, will greatly enhance the built environment and lift the spirits of those that live in the borough and visitors alike."




Grays is an ever changing, ever growing, multi-cultural society which will be reflected in the trail as it embraces all forms of diversity. 


The Grays Urban Art Trail will re-energise our public spaces, expand our thinking and transform the places where we live, work and play.

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Public art has a positive impact on well-being, supports the local economy and gives rise to civic pride.


The trail will exhibit installations by national and international artists, emerging and established artists, and include artists from our local community.  All across the UK towns and cities are investing in public art and reaping the personal and financial benefits.  Over the last ten years Folkstone has invested £2 million in public art and been rewarded by a £60 million lift to the local economy.

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 We have been offered loaned sculptures by prominent artists to get the trail underway and we will be looking to commission site specific installations.  The trail will have many pieces on permanent display.  The historic town of Grays has a number of regeneration projects planned and We  Are Creatives Thurrock are establishing the art trail to complement the changes whilst creating a link between the town's past and future.  


We welcome and actively encourage community engagement and your feedback on this project.  Please email info@WeAreCreativesThurrock.UK 

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