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Infusion 2021

Video and images show just a handful of the performers that took part.

We had phenomenal success at our Inclusion Infusion event at Lakeside Shopping Centre on October 2nd.  We reached (a conservative estimate) of around 14k people engaging people in the arts, uplifting spirits and triggering people to join local groups.  The performances including dance, live music and vocals enthralled the crowds.  There was more cheering, clapping and support from the ever changing audience than one could imagine.  


The Music Man Project received a ‘sizeable’ donation after their stunning performance and The Big Sing were given fragrance gift sets from a business at Lakeside after an uplifting and inspirational show.  Local dance groups wowed audiences with a superb array of performances. Many young talented artists took an opportunity to show Thurrock how on form they were and completely nailed their songs.  This stands as testament to the worth and wonderful work that Thameside Theatre does.


Many performers like Anna-Marie Child’s took to the stage for the first time after the initial lockdown and yet gave an excellent performance. This illustrates the confidence and resilience that the performing arts nurtures. There were happy outbursts of emotion from performers and audiences alike.  As event organisers we lost count of the number of requests from people to sing, dance and join groups on the day! 


If any of the Thurrock councillors had troubled themselves enough to be at the event they would have seen first hand exactly why we must save the Thameside theatre!

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