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Grays 'paves' the way


Jun 2, 2021

The proposed regeneration of Grays will hopefully bring about a positive change in the town’s aesthetics and fortunes. Yes we will lose the quaintness of the level crossing and probably lose the skyline with high-rise homes, but modernisation is essential.  Okay, so the iconic State cinema building looks set to become a public house. Beer drinking is a part of the British culture, right? We cannot be negative about the need for change. Some things we hold dear will be lost but hopefully we can cherish and be proud of what comes next. 

What would you like to see included in the regeneration plans? How about a dedicated art gallery, a big museum, murals, installations or even an arthouse cinema? What changes do you feel would improve the provision of art and culture in Grays? Our favourite submissions will be posted on Facebook and Twitter. Send us your thoughts , your designs, pictures or videos. You can’t make wishes come true without first having a wish list. Grays can pave the way to becoming a jewel in the Thurrock crown. Register with us and make your submission via email: info@WeAreCreativesThurrock.UK

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