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Tory overture for Thameside tragedy


Jul 2, 2021

Thurrock's conservative council have released a plot spoiler from their script that kills off the Thameside Complex.

Residents and community groups are staging a fightback.  A petition, already signed by over 2500 people, has been set up to save the Thameside Complex.  

The Complex is the art and cultural heart of Grays and surrounding areas.  As well as the theatre, it is home to Creative Blast performing arts studios, Thurrock museum, Thames Delta radio and the library.  

Also based at the theatre are Trans-vol which utilises volunteer drivers to transport members within the Thurrock area.  Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions are residents at the complex and they do so much necessary work promoting equal rights for disabled people in the Borough.  

The Conservative council are trying to balance the books and clearly the arts and culture of Thurrock are to be the sacrificial lamb.

Like many of the books by Charles Dickens, the people can decide how this ends. 


This is just the first act and there will be much drama before the final curtain.

To sign the petition visit

For further information visit:

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