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It's time for a Fairy Godmother to stand up and be counted

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WAC Thurrock

October 25, 2021 at 3:30:00 PM

If Grays loses the Thameside Theatre the town will become the Cinderella of the arts.  Our culture will be left in tatters and our talented performers will be cruelly robbed of their dreams and aspirations.

Unlike the pantomime, the wicked step-mother played by Thurrock Council, does not live in a crumbling castle but will reside in new, sparkling mansions paid for by trimming the fat of the land.

There are plenty of Ugly Sisters but there is no Prince Charming.  Stand up Fairy Godmother/father/person.  We need a wave or two of a magic wand.  Now do we wish for the council to continue supporting the theatre or go for a Community Asset Transfer?  Either way is better than our current prospect.

We need to reenergise the campaign to save the Thameside and make it clear to the council just how important the theatre is to the town and the borough.

We need the residents of the town and Borough to come together and fight the injustice.  An occasional boo or hiss is not enough let us make sure Cinders does not lose her home and remind the council they are the cast that are supposed to perform for us.


Book tickets to see Cinderella at Thameside Theatre here

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