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Summer workshop fun!

The summer sun may have been conspicuous by its absence but nothing could put a dampener on the Thurrock Lifestyle Solutions (TLS) workshops at Grays Beach Riverside Park.

When Neil Woodbridge, CEO of TLS asked me to run 10 workshops I relished the opportunity.   It was an absolute privilege to work with the amazing TLS customers and staff.  I had the greatest time, learned so much and made many new friends.

WACThurrock creative workshop

At the workshops we had an array of classes that included art, drama, singing, live storytelling and circus skills!  The customers embraced every opportunity and actively engaged in each session.


It was easy to recognise the pride in the group as they attained a sense of accomplishment.


For me an enduring memory, will be laughter.  It really was ten sessions, over five weeks, of fun and creativity.

I would like to thank TLS for giving me this opportunity and also applaud them for the fantastic work they do.  I would also like to thank the customers and staff that made each workshop a delight.

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