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Thurrock camera club. Here's to the first 100 years!

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The end of year for many becomes a time for reflection.  For some, like the Thurrock Camera Club there has been a lot to reflect upon.  This year they celebrated their centenary.  There are few groups that have reached this milestone in Thurrock and unlike long running Brass Brand groups and alike, they have perhaps seen the most diversification in the way in which their art and equipment has progressed throughout the decades.  


On their centenary celebration at Cowdray Hall the TCC exhibited some of their first images.  Today, you can join the TCC armed with a camera. The technical skills, knowledge of equipment, digital processing and light is a must for professional looking images but there is still an admiration of the long arduous processes that former club members endured for their art.  I had the opportunity to view slides safely concealed within a beautiful wooden box perfectly safeguarded as a part of their heritage.  As a photographer, it was amazing to feel and touch some of the older cameras and further my appreciation for the evolution of photography.  


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The TCC formerly known as the Grays District Photographic Society had their first meeting on the 7th November 1921.  The club has been witness to many changes.  From developing plates and papers, Gaslight Printing, black and white to colour, slides and of course the digital age.   The TCC has maintained it's passion.  The club has continued to take part in many external competitions and has enjoyed many successes.  


Watching a slideshow of members images on a large projection screen was at times mesmerising.  From beautiful landscapes and portraits to more thought provoking images (such as a human arm coming out of a public bin). The club is open for in person, hybrid and zoom meetings which is fortunate as members live as far away as Wales and Switzerland.  The TCC is chaired by Paul Taylor, a member for almost 40 years, and he typifies the devotion to the club.  



All are welcome to join the TCC and newbies will enjoy a warm reception, be given the opportunity to develop their skills and share in the clubs love of photography.  

To see more information about the TCC see their website HERE or their directory page HERE.

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